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Lip Augmentation Specialist

Scott Wells, MD -  - Plastic Surgeon

Scott Wells, MD

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If you desire thicker, fuller lips, a lip augmentation procedure may be the perfect solution for you. Dr. Scott Wells’ New York City office offers a range of lip augmentation techniques to help you achieve a more beautiful smile.

Lip Augmentation Q & A

What is lip augmentation?

No matter your age, your smile is important. Whether due to aging that causes lines and wrinkles or whether you have had thinner lips since reaching maturity, it’s normal to want to enhance your lips and your smile. Lip augmentation is a specialized cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of the lips by making them plumper and fuller.

What are the types of lip augmentation procedures?

At Scott Wells, MD Plastic Surgery Center in New York City, we offer a selection of lip enhancement treatments that cater to the unique needs of our patients. Lip augmentation performed by Dr. Wells falls into three different categories: fillers, fat grafting, and surgical tissue advancement.

Injectable dermal fillers are, by far, the most common type of lip augmentation approach. This procedure involves injecting natural fillers, such as Restylane, into the lips and around the mouth area to increase the volume of the lips. These fillers are typically made of hyaluronic acid or similar substances, which are naturally found in the body.

Fat grafting is the most natural approach because it involves using one’s own body tissues to enhance the appearance of the lips. The fat grafting technique, when performed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, offers long-lasting results with no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

Lastly, the surgical tissue advancement procedure permanently increases the volume of the lips for a lasting, natural-looking result.

How long will my lip augmentation results last?

Injectable dermal fillers are only a temporary solution to lip enhancement, and patients generally require future injections to maintain the desired volume. The fat grafting and surgical tissue advancement procedures, however, are permanent lip augmentation solutions and provide lasting results.

Visit our offices for your lip augmentation consultation with Dr. Wells to discuss which option is best for your situation.

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