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Naturally You® - Facials And Peels Specialist

Scott Wells, MD -  - Plastic Surgeon

Scott Wells, MD

Plastic Surgeon located in Manhattan, New York, NY & Long Island, Great Neck, NY

Are you searching for a method to improve the appearance of your facial skin or treat a facial skin condition? At his Med Spa in New York, NY, Dr. Scott Wells offers a wide selection of facials/peels for patients at any of his locations for a Naturally You®.

Naturally You® - Facials and Peels Q & A

What are facials and peels?

Facials include a range of skincare treatments that rejuvenate facial skin and result in more vibrant, healthy-looking skin. Facials may serve to reduce the size of visible pores, minimize bacteria on the surface of the skin, and improve the absorption of skincare products. Our experienced esthetician will work with you to select an appropriate facial/peel for your unique skin condition and/or skin type.

One great advantage of facials/peels is that these cosmetic treatments are suitable for people of all ages and virtually all skin types. These procedures are specially designed for those with acne, wrinkles or large pores, and for those who simply desire smoother, younger-looking facial skin.

What other therapies are combined with facials/peels?

At our Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Center, we utilize a range of cutting-edge technologies and treatments for facials. We offer custom European Facials, Gentlemen’s Facials, Sensitive Skin Facials for sensitive skin types and rosacea, Acne Facials, and Express Facials for those on the go.

Your facial treatment may be combined with a selection of other cosmetic procedures, such as:

AB Lift – uses radiofrequency technology to improve the appearance of aging, saggy skin

Chemical peels – improves skin with the use of chemical agents

Dermaplaning – removes dead skin from the surface to reveal newly regenerated skin underneath

Light Therapies – heals skin with Gentle Waves and Bioptron light

Oxygen – improves the absorption abilities of skin

Post-laser treatment – application of ointments and creams after laser skin resurfacing

Your facial/peel experience will be a personalized one. Schedule an appointment to determine which procedure may best suit your needs.

What can I expect during my facial/peel?

Each facial/peel procedure is unique to the patient. However, prior to the application of any exfoliants or solutions, the skin is cleaned. The esthetician may apply steam to the skin to loosen and remove dirt or debris. She may also perform a facial massage to stimulate blood flow to the skin. After the facial mask is removed, the esthetician will thoroughly explain how to extend the effects of your treatment with at-home care.

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