Possessing youthful breasts are the desire of all women. In youth, breasts have a beautiful, full conical shape at their apex and a firm round fullness at the base. They sit high on the chest with their apex at the level of the mid upper arm. This ideal anatomy is due in major part to the cohesive, firm nature of young breast tissue wrapped by the tight elastic qualities of youthful skin.

Inevitably, challenged by time, childbirth, and diminishing estrogen levels, almost all breasts will begin to lose their ideal status. Restorative Breast Enhancements should be designed to restore the anatomy, appearance and position of this ideal.

Too often Breast Augmentation alone is employed to restore youthful fullness and lift, only to create abnormal, disproportionate size, and breasts that droop quickly due to the added weight. Of all the changes that occur with age, (i.e. diminished size, altered position, and nipple enlargement) only size is adequately addressed, if not often over corrected, by augmentation alone.

Proper Breast Rejuvenation requires slightly more intricate planning and execution to restore all of the various changes that occur with aging, and to create a lasting restoration. Truly natural appearing Breast Rejuvenation requires simultaneous adjustment of the hanging glandular tissue, addition of a small size cohesive gel implant for persistent youthful fullness, and most importantly, tailoring of the skin envelop with a repositioning and often size reduction of the nipple areola complex. Although this more thorough Rejuvenation entails more incision lines to heal, I have yet to find a patient who didn’t feel the trade-off worth the more perfect cosmesis.

Our brains monitor the position of our body parts in space... It's called proprioception, and it is all subconscious. But the messages are key to how we feel about ourselves. This is why restorative breast enhancement, which raises the position of the breasts and makes them feel more compact, has such an impact in making women feel young women feel young.

Originally published: 08/04/16

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