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Do you have an important event coming up and want to look your very best, but can’t take a chance on the downtime or the flakiness of a peel? Do you want that pristine glow of radiant exfoliated skin? Now there is the perfect solution... The Wells Signature Peel. It’s what models, actresses, and socialites enjoy the afternoon of a big event or a red carpet stroll.

The Wells Signature Peel was especially designed by Plastic Surgeon and Celebrity Skin Expert Scott Wells, M.D. “I wanted to create a treatment that produced a flawless, polished, and canvas complexion with absolutely no downtime,” explains Wells. The signature peel uses a very gentle and effective combination of hydroxyacids and exfoliators that dissolve the dry, dead cell layer covering the vibrant living skin cells. During the treatment, the skin is also treated to Gentle WavesTM, light stimulation, an anti-inflammatory step. 

Next, the skin is gently polished to remove the dull dry outer layer using an environment friendly scrub. Having thus polished and buffed the skin, we take the opportunity to apply moisturizers, vitamins, and other skin nutrients for improved skin appearance, texture, and general health.

“Our clients love the fact that after the signature peel they ‘hit the ground running’ so to speak.” The best feedback comes from their makeup artists who can’t believe how much better and more evenly makeup applies. For Wells, however, he prefers to suggest that the radiance of his peels allows the patients to “Wear their skin, not their makeupTM.”


Originally published: 09/27/16

Scott Wells, MD

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